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China tour 2008-2009

December 27, 2008 until January 5, 2009.

After a number of intensive rehearsals and try-outs starting with the wind ensemble band D'Anoukki at the invitation of the Philharmonic Association of China from Nanjing airport Frankfurt to China.
There is a brass band formed during the preparation of very high quality
a unique musical repertoire consists of original brass band music and crossover to jazz, pop and big band.
Also Chinese folk music in this unique cultural exchange will be mixed with real Limburger pop culture, including the clog dance of Rowwen Hèze.

The participating musicians are among the top of Limburg, Brabant and Belgian Limburg and are a good mix of skilled professional musicians and top amateurs which also deliberately given to the attraction of young talent.

There are concerts during the tour in Yangzhou Friendship Theatre, Nanjing People's Great Hall, Sports Hall and Wujiang Magistic Theater in Shanghai.

The rooms are not very well equipped for this kind of concerts. Certainly the use of amplification (microphones etc) requires due diligence. Some rooms are a great team of engineers looking for microphones and cables so that just before the concert a quick sound check can be done. Also, the temperature in some rooms so low that the musicians have extra clothing under the costume.

Public interest is very high. It appears that many employers from maps made available to employees who are eager to make use of this Dutch company to come listen.

The audience reacts initially somewhat apathetic, but after a few musical works is obvious enthusiasm of the audience to notice. Especially after playing some Chinese melodies are sung along loudly. The pure Dutch clog dance at the end of the concert is still here 's step further.
The difference between the reactions of the audience from Yangzhou (rural) and Shanghai (urban) is clearly noticeable. In the rural Yangzhou is we have not used to this kind of concerts and Europeans are an attraction in Shanghai while more Western-oriented.

In several cities where the company resides, however, be local entertainment and hospitality venues visited and there are good and nice contacts with the local population. Shanghai is a part of the orchestra participated in a jam session at a renowned jazz club and much admiration from the audience calls.
On free days, various sightseeing including a concert in the Chinese Kunju Opera where an old Chinese opera is performed.
Also visit the TV tower in Shanghai and the Shanghai Museum makes a great impression on everyone.

This trip has certainly met the objectives set in advance are:
Meet each other's culture and especially the propagation of the typical Dutch Limburg and popular culture.