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China concerttour 2013-2014

On December 26th we will leave for China again. This time Bejing and the surrounding areas will be our destination. During this 10-days tour we will give 4 concerts.

This trip once again underlines our objectives:

Cultural exchange: we bring ‘our’ music to China and let hear the possibilities of our orchestra. Otherwise  the orchestra members will get various Chinese pieces and songs on their console.

We will promote Limburg (and the Netherlands) in a slide show. We can reach a lot of people because the theaters where we perform are very large: from 1500 seats, knowing from experience, almost all occupied.

Workshops will take place in China under the guidance of our professional musicians. On 13 July, already the first workshop took place in the Netherlands. A Chinese school orchestra then visited the Netherlands.

The compilation of our orchestra is again very diverse: youthful talents, professional musicians and amateurs who will also perform as soloists. All this under the guidance of the proficient Belgian conductor Norbert Nozy.