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Euregion meets A Fula's Call


A Fula's Call is a new quartet formed around the Nigerian singer, musician Omar Ka, whose lyrics are about life and culture of the vagus (Noman) of the Fulani tribe.
It is a vital Euro-African platform with acclaimed soloists in a secular atmosphere intimate. Fulani vocals fit with a jazzy virtuosity, electric sound and a worldly groove.

Euregion for Brass, Wind & Percussion is a challenge to these Euro-African musical elements combine and mix with the cultural heritage Fanfare!
The (young) professional soloists from Euregion Brass, Wind & Percussion will this project given the opportunity to showcase musical.
Professional arrangers will account for the packages.

We have offered on Saturday, May 22 the opening concert of the "Global Village Amersfoort" (May 22, 23 and 24, 2010) together with the renowned band.


September  26th we gave a concert at the Cult & Tumult Festival in Veldhoven. Read more about this famous festival: http://www.cultentumult.nl/ 

See also
http://www.myspace.com/afulascall for more info about A Fula's Call.